Flashcards App – single-sided flashcards.

Memorize Flashcards app for Android and iOS. Memorize Flashcards use single-sided flashcards with an automatically increasing repetition time interval.

How does repeating one-sided flashcards improve memory?

Repetition of one-sided flashcards with progressive interval strengthens neural connections, increases the speed of the impulse (signal) through the communication channels, increases the number of connections between neurons - improves memory. People who practice the spaced repetition method are advised to reinforce information by applying in real life, for example: present an associative image; reproduce the associative movement; write on a piece of paper in your own words; put into practice in the case under study.

Memorize Flashcards will help to put information into long-term memory using the increasing interval method - i.e. help to learn information.

Create flashcards to memorize any information. You can: add as many flashcards as you like; flashcards can be edited; You can add text and a photo to the flashcard. All flashcards are stored on your phone. Flashcards can be shared online with the whole world.